5 Long-Distance Date Ideas to Try Out

Florence Williamson
4 min readOct 26, 2022

You don’t have the luxury of physical contact.

This is something that long-distance relationships lack and is what most relationships these days take for granted. You won’t be able to feel the warmth of her hand and the sound of her voice often. Many of the interactions you used to have when both of you were physically next to each other will have to wait.

Or will they?

We recently learned how debilitating the lack of physical presence was during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns. However, we didn’t give up on communication. We learned to adapt by using the internet. We started to use video conferencing technology to keep ourselves working, communicating, and living with the new normal.

That same technology even kept relationships from deteriorating and facilitating the birth of new ones. So if you’re just getting into online dating and handling not being close to your beloved, let’s look at some ways to keep that long-distance connection.

1. Take a stroll around town.

Is there a popular location where you live? Maybe it’s a scenic mountain or hill nearby. How about a street that is well-known by locals or those out of town?

Walk around town and introduce these iconic locations in real-time with the use of your camera phone. She can also do the same on her side of the world. It would be a digital couple’s walk around town.

2. Watch a popular streaming series or movie.

Is there a popular streaming series you’re interested in watching but haven’t seen yet? Why not invite her to watch it with you? Better yet, communicate with her first and see if there is one that you are both interested in. This way you won’t be able to expect what’s going to happen and it will increase the excitement.

3. Consider doing a joint hobby.

When you decide, schedule a meeting to do that hobby together. It can be as simple as drawing pictures or as elaborate as painting a bowl of fruit on canvas. How about going outdoors, setting up your phone, and showing her that flower bed in the garden that you are making? If you’re into planting fruits or vegetables, you can show her your harvest as you pick it. Cooking can also be on your list of hobbies to try out.

The key here is to do or show the activity together in real-time.

4. When you’re with family or friends, allow your significant other to be there also.

Make sure she is digitally there. There’s no reason that she can’t be a part of the party even if she is physically far away. Set up your camera phone when your friends or family get together. Having a sense of connection with your lover is not just important for you but also for those who are close to both of you.

5. Send some flowers or gifts.

It doesn’t matter how much it costs to buy it. What matters is how much you thought about her when you got it. If you want to send flowers, you can contact a florist that is close to her location and coordinate a surprise delivery. If you can coordinate an anniversary or special occasion, all the more the better.

With gifts, you can either purchase them from an eCommerce company located near her or if it’s something you made yourself, you can mail it to her. The best kind of gifts are those associated with things only you two are privy to.

For example, if she loves a certain musician in the 70s or 80s that she’s a fan of and only you know about it, why not find a retro CD album? She would be thrilled to have received it from you.

All you need to do is exercise your creativity.

Be creative. There are hundreds of ways to spend time with your beloved even if she is physically far away.

What’s important when you come up with any kind of long-distance dating idea is that they can be as simple as taking a walk together, watching a movie, or doing a hobby in real-time. Sometimes, it doesn’t have to be just you and her. Why not involve others too? Lastly, there are other ways to show your affection like sending flowers or giving gifts.

As long as both of you are enjoying these interactions and both of you are actively participating, then by all means go for it. Schedule a long-distance date today.