A Solution for the Traditional-Minded Man: International Dating

Florence Williamson
4 min readOct 18, 2022

“Give them an inch and they’ll take a mile.”

– From Mary Wollstonecraft’s A Vindication of the Rights of Woman in 1792 which initiated the history of feminism to the #MeToo movement of the 21st century. Right now, we are wondering if today’s feminists are taking it too far.

Nearly two and a half centuries of women’s struggle and four waves of feminism later, they have given themselves the license to tell every man and woman what a woman is, what she should be, and where her proper place in society is. When will these academic exercises end?

On the other side of the gender divide, today’s American men are giving up on their female counterparts.

Some men have joined the marches and are siding with feminist ideology, while others have decided to give up and go their own way. Men’s help groups are forming because of the psychological and physical abuse done by women and their belief that the legal system is stacked against them when they call for justice.

Worse, some men are violently resisting these changes and are labeled as incels — a shortened version of involuntary celibate.

Should their sisters and mothers accept what’s happening to them?

It’s not all conjecture. The Pew Research Center is reporting on the increasing difficulty of dating in the 21st century for both men and women.

The Institute for Family Studies reported that divorce and marriage rates have continued to drop across America in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis. This is on top of data from the CDC and NCHS showing a reported decline in both marriage and divorce rates since 1980.

This isn’t good news for American men that date with marriage in mind. Let’s look at some reasons why:

1. Traditional-minded women are disappearing.

Career. That is now the goal for the majority of American women. A July 2022 study by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis showed that more than half of the female population participated in the American workforce. This had been steadily increasing since the mid-19th century to where we are now.

A second income is always welcome — and especially needed in emergencies. However, the question remains: what about parenting and maintaining the home? The reality is that if families want to have children, resources must still be spent to raise them.

If men want to marry an American woman and raise children, expect that they are going to have to make economic trade-offs. You will have to accept household roles if your wife cannot do them or outsource them to another family member or childcare operation.

2. There is a power struggle between the genders.

It’s nothing new — and it’s getting worse as time goes along.

If you are suspected of endorsing “patriarchal behavior” whether you are a biological man or woman, you are now automatically branded as evil. There was a time when liberal ideology had to bring forth the issues of gender inequity in governance and societal roles.

However, isn’t it becoming excessive these days? Everyone is “too careful” of being judged as “offensive.” It feels reminiscent of authoritarianism and its exercise in the mid-20th century.

If you violate “the virtues” of our time, you will be psychologically punished. I guess it’s not a good time to talk in defense of traditional values these days.

3. Liberal ideologies are irritating date culture.

Opening the door for a woman is now rude. That’s because you are reinforcing traditional gender stereotypes. When you pull the chair for a progressive woman, she might openly share a piece of her mind about how she can do it herself.

Of course, a woman can open their door, pull their chair, or pay their way. But is it really that big a deal to be pampered by a well-meaning man?

Men have been the aggressors in feminist history. But now that women have acquired a great chunk of that power, men of today are beginning to question how they should act around an attractive woman.

The last thing a man wants to do is to lose a woman’s interest. Men want to say hello but consider the risk of backlash not worth the potential gain of having a relationship.

But traditional-minded men don’t have to be alone.

The world is bigger than America. There are foreign cultures that have kept their gender roles unchanged for millennia because that’s what kept their society and family functioning. These women respect the physical and mental power a man has and the responsibility that comes with it.

In most of these cultures, not all of their women can find caring gentlemen. This is why international matchmaking is still operating.

Foreign women want to escape having to match themselves with abusive men and are looking to the West for a kind gentleman to fall in love with.

If you are or want to become that kind of traditional-minded gentleman and you are tired of dating in America, maybe it’s time to consider walking out the door. Why not explore the world of international dating?