Are American Women Becoming Modern Day Wife-Beaters?

Florence Williamson
3 min readOct 10, 2022


A friend of mine sent me this screenshot of a comment from a medium blog:

The topic was about how American/Americanized women were essentially shooting themselves in the foot because they are becoming what they are fighting against. If American women were physically beaten in the past, right now they are legally and politically beating men.

I do not agree with unjust violence. I may agree with the need for it for defense. Until we live in a perfect world, I cannot put my money into relaxing what has worked before. That is why I cannot agree with certain sentiments and actions against men.

Isn’t it okay to berate men if they aren’t up to par?

It’s not. Despite millennia of progress, there are still countless cases of physical violence between men and women (women can throw a punch too). There are questionable outcomes when the courtroom sides with abusive ex-wives and mothers who have to help pick up the pieces of their broken sons.

Women can also take a mile if you give them an inch. I recall an annoying friend of mine who loved the sci-fi movie Starship Troopers because of the idea that violence was the “supreme authority” by which all other authorities were established.

Every citizen is allowed this power. So when you vote, it’s a political exercise that exercises force. Therefore, force is violence and by extension, collated force can be terrifying. American politics now risk questionable violence on men as it had done to women in times past. This is made manifest in social life.

I recall having a conversation with one of our clients. He was berated as a “boomer” or an “incel” for challenging his neighbor’s views on male-female relationships. Regardless of my personal opinion, isn’t it questionable to throw invectives at someone until they are silenced?

Some men have figuratively castrated themselves. The word “simp” comes to mind where men willingly work long hours just to be in a one-sided relationship with a woman, and I know some women even take advantage of the situation. It’s gotten so weird that men pay money for an online female gamer’s bathwater. Ridiculous!

Is there an exodus of traditional men?

Matchmaking is increasing. 21st-century hook-up apps do not fulfill the promises of finding love. In the wake of the #MeToo movement, I have seen some surveys show that American men are giving up on dating American women and it seems some women are too and it’s the men who are to blame.

Some clients refuse to date American women. They don’t want to deal with the politically weighted baggage that prevents them from expressing their views. They are cast into silence. They walk on eggshells if ever they try to court a woman and get womansplained later as much as women get mansplained.

Men aren’t fighting back. If they aren’t optimistic about finding a mate in their local dating pools, they’re voting with their feet and going toward international waters. It’s not perfect all the time, but it’s better than the chances that they have at home.

The chickens are coming home to roost.

I don’t know why. Frankly, the men who come to matchmaking services have a point and business is growing. Will feminists concede on their political gains despite how they now have to be just as responsible when using violence? Have they forgotten the spirit that forged the majority of nations and industries with masculine blood and fire?

Perhaps, we women should ask ourselves if we are now becoming wife-beaters to men as well. For men, don’t worry, our doors are always open. From what I’ve seen, you have better chances of starting a harmonious family with a traditional foreign woman. So, travel overseas. You have a better chance here.