How to Date Single Moms Successfully

Florence Williamson
3 min readDec 13, 2022


Today’s dating scene is diverse. And because it’s diverse, don’t be surprised if you encounter single moms on one of your romantic escapades!

According to Gallup, one in eight women worldwide who are aged 18 to 60 (or 13%) aren’t married but have kids that are below 15 years old. Going by that statistic, it’s not a stretch to say that many single moms are quite active in the dating pool.

Single moms (and parents in general) offer unique things to the table. What are they, you ask? For starters, their experiences, viewpoints, and priorities. And it’s these unique things that make them a potentially great partner for you.

Say you bump into a really interesting woman who happens to be a single mom and you two decide to hit it off. How do you date her the right way exactly? And how are you going to make things work with everything that’s on her plate?

Navigate the waters smoothly with these pointers:

1. Keep expectations reasonable.

When dating a single mom, don’t expect things to play out the way your previous relationships/flings did. She can’t just go out on dates as much as she wants to — she’s got kids to take of (more on that later)!

In this kind of relationship, your expectations will need adjustments. Don’t set the bar too high to the point where you can’t reach it.

2. Remember: their kids come first!

Single moms have their kids at the top of their pecking order. That fact should be understood and accepted unequivocally, even before you pursue them.

Depending on their age, children may have some say in their mothers’ dating lives. And because they often see their bond as exclusive, kids may naturally feel insecure when they see their mothers dating.

Want to help out? Here’s how: give them space to help them make their children feel comfortable. It shows that you respect their relationships.

3. Don’t rush.

Everyone’s heard of the saying “too much too soon”, yes?

Don’t dive into a parenting role immediately! Or better yet, don’t make bold moves early in your relationship. Give it some time to blossom before embracing huge roles and responsibilities.

4. Don’t beat around the bush.

At the same time, be too upfront about your feelings and intentions. If you’re unsure how involved you want to be in their kids’ lives, talk to them about it.

Whatever your case is, it’s best to be honest about it from the jump. This shows them that you trust them enough to show vulnerability, which can help you grow closer.

5. Be emotionally present.

To say that single moms have a lot on their plate is an understatement. Not only should they pay the bills and put food on the table, but they should fulfill their kids’ emotional needs too!

Offer them some much-needed emotional support. While you don’t have to be Superman and come to their rescue every time, it’s always great to have an active listener in their corner.

6. See things in their shoes.

Although modern times are more forgiving and empathetic of single moms, they still experience unfair criticism from time to time.

Don’t be judgmental, folks! Don’t police her lifestyle and choices.

Instead, remember the fact that single motherhood is difficult. Exercise compassion and empathy when your curiosity rises.

Do you want to date single moms? Go for it! They deserve a place in anyone’s criteria. They’re more than just their roles; they, too, have personal needs. When you do date one, do keep this list in mind for guidance.