How to Talk About Money Matters in a Relationship

Florence Williamson
3 min readJun 22, 2022

Money can be a difficult topic to bring up in a relationship. It can feel a bit inappropriate to talk about. If you’re not being careful in your choice of words, your partner might misunderstand your intentions.

But if you truly want your relationship to last, talk about your finances. Otherwise, you’ll be facing a lot of difficulties moving forward.

There are a lot of supporting studies proving that money is one of the leading reasons why couples break up. Even in divorce, their finances are being disputed.

Bringing up money matters won’t be the most ideal of conversations to have in a relationship, but it is necessary. Especially so when you are thinking of dating long-term.

Here are small ways to bring financial awareness into your relationship:

1. Have an arrangement on how to pay for dates

There’s a universal dating struggle that not many people talk about: how to pay for dates.

It can be awkward to discuss it before the date. It can make you look like a cheapskate. Hence, most people would rather talk about it at the end of the date.

But there’s nothing wrong with bringing up your bill at the beginning of the date. In fact, you can discuss it while your orders are being taken.

You can either split the bill or take turns on who pays for it. It’s better to work out the arrangement while it’s still early. This makes it easier for you to talk about the bill on the succeeding dates.

2. Have some awareness of current financial situations

Few things come cheap nowadays.

Prices are going up and making ends meet is a lot more difficult than it was in the past.

You’ll have to be sensitive when talking about each other’s financial status. Not everyone is on the same level as you are.

Your date may be facing a difficult financial situation. When talking about money, you’ll have to be tactful and patient. You can’t just spring up the topic when you aren’t aware of their current financial health.

It’s good to be aware of how the other person lives so you can plan your dates, or future, accordingly.

3. Take into account possible expenses on future plans

Let’s say you plan to go out on a trip for your future date.

How will you decide who gets to spend on what? Will you divide it evenly between you two or base it on each other’s income? Who is going to keep track of the expenses?

Talking about this beforehand helps you prevent running into problems in the future. That’s one less problem for you to worry about.

Besides, if things go well, you’ll be managing your finances together soon enough. You gain more insight into your future lives the sooner you understand how they manage their money.

4. Avoid imposing your financial habits on them

Imposing your financial lifestyle on your partner should be an absolute no-no. But many people do it anyway, and it is a reason why most people avoid talking about finances in the first place.

Being sensitive about money matters is normal when in a relationship. But you can’t keep avoiding it.

When talking about each other’s financial health, you have to be tactful and patient. Time your questions thoughtfully and be considerate of your date’s financial situation.

If you want to be in a long and happy relationship, do not underestimate the importance of finances. If you handle them well, you will be happy, no matter your standing in life.