How Two Friends Found Love Overseas

Florence Williamson
3 min readJul 5, 2022

It’s tough being the only single person in your friend group.

As much as you claim that it doesn’t bother you, you can’t help but feel envious at times. Seeing your friends bringing their significant others and proudly introducing them — you can’t help but want that for yourself as well.

This was exactly how two friends, Leif and Matt, felt around their other friends.

Chapter 1: Leif and Natalia

Leif was genuinely happy for his friends. But, deep inside he was lonely. One day, he decided to take action and made an online dating account.

This was his foray into online dating. After a bit of trial and error, Leif finally managed to click with a Ukrainian user by the name of Natalia.

Through a convenient feature on the dating website they were using, he would send her gifts such as chocolates or flowers.

Leif’s efforts toward Natalia eventually won her over, and after 6 months of dating, Leif decided to come over to Kiev and meet her in person.

5 wonderful months later, Leif proposed to Natalie, to which she heartily said yes. On their first year anniversary of being a couple, they got married. Soon after, Natalia moved in with Leif in Norrköping, Sweden.

When Lief and Natalia left for their new life together, it left Matt as the only single man in their friend group.

Chapter 2: Matt and Maymay

Matt eventually signed up on that very same dating website, encouraged by Leif and his other friends.

There, he met Mariel, or Maymay for short.

Their relationship started off casually. They both preferred video calls over chats, so they called each other after Maymay would come home from work.

Some nights, they would even have virtual dates. Either Matt or Maymay would go someplace nice, go on a video call, and just talk or have dinner.

They did what they could to compensate for the distance, and they had a lot of fun doing it. Video calls became the one thing that brought them closer together.

They watched movies together and would explore new places together. Despite their 6-hour time difference, they still managed to find time for each other.

Maymay’s family was well aware of her relationship with the Swede and would sometimes join them during their video calls.

Matt could no longer bear the distance between them and decided to surprise Maymay. With her family’s help, they staged a large family dinner where Matt planned to propose to Maymay.

And of course, she said yes.

Matt decided to stay with Maymay in the Philippines, a country he fell in love with.

And They All Lived Happily Ever After

Finally, everyone in Leif and Matt’s friend group was married. Some lost touch, some decided to migrate like Matt, while others were content with the way things were in their lives.

The future is a stranger to everybody. You can never tell how you’ll be greeted when your time finally comes.

These two friends braced for the worst when they risked online dating. They were ready to risk a lot more than money just to find love.

Much like these two, your time will come. You won’t know where, nor will you know when.

Take this chance to explore the world and meet new people.

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