International Love 101: Eastern European Dating Culture

Florence Williamson
3 min readSep 12, 2023
A couple kissing and embracing each other
Photo by Nur Demirbaş on Pexels

Whether you’re a gal who has her heart set on a dashing but mysterious Russian gentleman or a guy who’s always wanted to date beautiful Ukrainian women, Western dating standards as seen in popular media will probably not be enough to help you.

You’re going to have to learn about Eastern European dating culture.

To be prepared is half the victory, at least according to the famous Spanish novelist Miguel de Cervantes. So if you really want to get up close and personal with someone from that side of the globe, you can start your journey by studying what makes them tick, what catches their eye, and what kind of lovers you can expect them to be.

Beauty Standards

Eastern European dating culture and practices place a high value on conventional beauty standards.

While it’s normal for dates in other countries to be casual and lowkey, a romantic night out with someone from Eastern Europe will most likely require you to dress up and look nice.

Wearing makeup and having stylish hair are often the bare minimum for women, and men will be hard pressed to find a reasonable excuse if they ever show up in anything less than their Sunday best.

Family Values

Being family oriented is an important part of Eastern European dating culture.

It’s not unusual to go out with someone and have it end up as a proper get-together with close friends and family. After all, who better to judge the chances of a suitor than the people who love you most?

So if you’re dating an Eastern European man whose parents are still alive and involved in his life, expect to be introduced to your future in-laws sooner than you think. And if you’re dating a single mom? Learn to accept the fact that her children are always going to come first.

Gender Roles

Since traditional gender roles remain a huge part of its customs, it’s only natural for them to also be reflected in Eastern European dating culture.

More often than not, people cruising the dating market will be expecting sweet and feminine women as well as tough and masculine men. Even for married couples, it’s usually the men who have jobs to provide for the family, while women stay at home and take care of the children.

Of course, this won’t always be the case, and younger people with modern sensibilities may also choose not to subscribe to these norms. But to avoid insulting anyone, you need to understand the reasons why some parts of Eastern European dating culture may not be the same as what’s considered acceptable in other countries.

International Dating

International dating and mixed-raced relationships are quite common in Eastern Europe. In fact, Russia and Ukraine are frequently included in lists of the best countries to find love.

This makes it a little easier for foreigners to take their chances when it comes to romancing people from Eastern Europe. But as a result, the dating pool will also be bigger, and you’ll need to be even more exceptional if you want to stand out.

The best and quickest way to do that? By mastering the ins and outs of Eastern European dating culture, of course.