How Love Me Ukraine Helps People Find Love in the Midst of War

Florence Williamson
3 min readSep 17, 2023
A woman smiling at a man
Photo from A Foreign Affair

It’s hard to think of love in a time of conflict and strife.

For the people of Ukraine, the ongoing war with Russia has made it even more difficult to socialize, much less entertain the notion of romance. It just doesn’t seem necessary.

As it stands, this problem apparently hasn’t deterred Love Me Ukraine from continuing its advocacy.

Making Love an Option Again

There are a lot of international dating companies that boast services rooted in a genuine mission to help people find happiness. A Foreign Affair (AFA), through its arm Love Me Ukraine, is one such company.

Ukraine, in particular, is a pioneer in international dating and marriage services not just in Eastern Europe, but all over the world. It’s a country that promotes opportunities for people to step out of their countries, if need be, to find true love.

But because of the current conflict with Russia, the dating industry in the country encountered major issues, including fraud operators taking advantage of the situation as well as people giving up on dating and relationships altogether.

After all, why risk your safety just to chase something that isn’t even easy to have during peacetime?

Different dating agencies have tried different strategies: some limited their services to purely online, while others put their Ukraine dating pool on hold.

Love Me Ukraine, on the other hand, chose to host their in-person services somewhere people won’t have to worry about security.

A sign in the snow that says ‘make love not war’
Photo by Natalie Dmay on Pexels

How It Works

Since the company’s services can’t be carried out in Ukraine itself due to the war, Love Me Ukraine implemented One-on-One Introductions, where men can meet the women from Ukraine in neighboring countries like Germany, Moldova, and Poland.

With AFA having offices and on-site staff in every location where it operates, clients of Love Me Ukraine need not worry about their safety during these trips.

There’s a lot of adjustment and compromise in terms of the execution of its services. A key selling point of AFA’s solo and group tours is clients being able to experience not just the excitement of meeting other single people, but also the beauty of the host country’s culture and tourist attractions.

For Love Me Ukraine, it’s a necessary compromise in order to achieve the essence of their mission, which is to connect people, wherever they are in the world, with someone special. To them, it’s a mission not even war can stop.

Is It Worth It?

Looking at it a certain way, the strategy of Love Me Ukraine to continue catering to its clients seems to be too much trouble.

Are there really people who are interested enough in meeting and dating someone from Ukraine to risk the trip? Better yet, are Ukrainian women still willing to pursue love when their country is in the middle of a major conflict?

According to Love Me Ukraine, that’s ultimately the core of international dating.

There will always be people who believe that the person they are meant to be with is waiting thousands of miles away.

There will be those who are willing to embark on a journey to places unknown just to find things and people that can make them happy.

There will be some who are even prepared to risk their comfort and safety, to go beyond protecting their life and instead making it worth living.

Love Me Ukraine, like many international dating sites and companies, serves to offer these people the opportunity to do just that.