Powerful Mindfulness Exercises to Strengthen Your Relationship

Florence Williamson
4 min readApr 20, 2023
Couple embracing each other and other mindfulness exercises for relationships
Photo by Elizabeth Tsung on Unsplash

We’ve all been told that living in the present moment is one of the keys to happiness.

But we’ve rarely been told how.

Because of that, “living in the present” has devolved into a meaningless cliché, something nice to pass around.

And then you find yourself failing to enjoy the moments with your partner.

You know you probably need to be more mindful in your relationship.

But what does it take to be a mindful partner? Allow me to share some mindfulness exercises that can effectively make your relationship stronger.

You don’t become more mindful by magic or hypnosis. Rather, you have to acquire simple yet effective habits that encourage long-term growth and happiness.

#1: Listen and pay attention — don’t reply immediately

Don’t just try to hear your partner speak. Allow yourself to digest and understand what they’re telling you.

If they say something you disagree with or something that is mildly triggering, don’t be snarky and formulate replies in your head. Go overboard and you’ll end up in a petty argument.

Being mindful means being aware of the moment when your partner is talking. I’m 100% sure your partner will be more than happy to return the favor when you give them that space.

#2: Respond — not react

There’s a reason people always remind us to think before we speak, yes?

We know words have power. That’s why we need to choose them carefully before we open our mouths. This is where mindfulness comes in. You’re aware of what’s happening and feel whatever feeling is in the air at that moment.

Should you want to respond to your partner, think about what you want to say and your desired outcome. Gather yourself and don’t let your emotions take over when it’s your turn to speak. While you should be aware of your feelings, keep a calm and collected head as you give your response.

#3: Take breathers during heated conversations

You have to be mindful even when you fight and argue.

As difficult as it may be, try to avoid reacting out of emotion. We can’t take back what we say, and we may regret some of our word choices.

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When you’re in the midst of a tense moment, do one thing: breathe. That momentary pause and intake of oxygen allows you to think with a more open mind. It gives you a moment of clarity, an opportunity to see where your partner’s coming from.

#4: Disconnect every once in a while

As convenient and fun as social media is, it has its downsides too. One of them is the itch to be online all the time.

If you can’t overcome that while you’re catching up with your partner, you may have a problem.

My solution: step away from the internet on occasion.

Putting your phone down every now and then may be a simple act. However, there’s a reason it has a spot on this list of effective mindfulness techniques for relationships.

Setting your phones and social media accounts aside for a while helps you connect better as a couple. Why? At the moment, all you have is each other, with no distractions. Your gadget-free alone time makes you feel each other’s presence more because you’re not paying attention to anything else.

#5: Make appreciation a daily thing

Sometimes, our fast-paced lives make us forget about our current blessings. Our partners are one of those gifts.

Expressing gratitude is a great display of mindfulness because it lets your partner know you’re aware and appreciative of everything they do. A genuine “thank you” is a great start. Do you want to up your efforts? Send them a heartfelt handwritten letter expressing your appreciation.

#6: Share warm embraces

A comforting embrace from your partner is a relaxing way to cap off your day. It reminds couples that they have connected hearts. No words are necessary as you and your lover embrace each other for a few minutes. Just enjoy the silence until you start to relax.

Relationships flourish when mindfulness is abundant. Even if you and your partner have been together for a long time, building your relationship takes non-stop work. Love, intimacy, and unity don’t have a deadline, and being mindful plays a huge part in each one’s growth.