On Long-Distance Relationships: Absence Truly Does Make the Heart Grow Fonder

Florence Williamson
3 min readOct 25, 2022

People fawn over the proverb “Absence makes the heart grow fonder,” but turn a sour face toward long-distance relationships.

We romanticize long-distance relationships, but the reality is that they can be difficult to endure at times.

With less physical interaction, different time zones, miscommunication, and lonely nights, it’s no wonder some people don’t want any part of it.

However, recent studies have found evidence that distance really does make couples grow more fond of each other.

More Meaningful Interactions

Many couples fear that miles of distance will cause them to grow apart. However, studies suggest that distance actually motivates a couple to keep the flame alive. That kind of relationship pushes them to put more effort into communication and dive into deeper conversations. These couples tend to talk more about their future plans and cover topics they would otherwise not talk about in person.

To make up for the lack of physical contact, the couple is also forced to explore other ways to connect. They begin to reassure each other more and become greatly appreciative of each other — even of the smallest things. Since they can’t interact every day, they also idealize their partner more.

As the anticipation for reunion increases, the couple also grows more in love despite the distance. They value and treasure their moments together. They know how it is being away from each other so they make every moment last. The excitement is always there.

LDR couples fear that their relationship will fall apart. Surprisingly, this fear makes their relationship stronger. It drives them to do better and make their partner more special. Hence, unlike couples who see each other every day, they’re careful not to take each other for granted.

As a result, LDR couples are most likely to keep long-term relationships and less likely to break up.

Why Your Relationship Needs Space

Wanting space in a relationship isn’t just normal — it’s essential!

The lack of space and the feeling of suffocation often cause relationships to fall apart. Couples don’t realize that spending some time helps them think better. To decide better and see things in retrospect.

Space allows them to process their emotions as individuals, and to understand each other’s needs better. Especially when one experiences stress may it be from work or other relationships, space allows one to cool down and avoid lashing out at their partner. If they don’t, they might say and do things they may well regret later.

So with plenty of space to think about what’s better for themselves and the relationship, LDR couples enjoy healthier interactions and boundaries.

Growing Fonder, Not Growing Apart

If two people stay true to their commitment while on an LDR, they don’t grow apart. Their hearts grow fonder.

They strive more to stay on the same page, to keep the flame alive, and to look forward to the day they finally reunite. And as long as they remain mindful of the right balance of space — to not let it grow too much, couples in long-distance relationships can definitely come out of it stronger.