The 3 Secrets to Being a Great First Date for the Ladies

Florence Williamson
3 min readJul 18, 2022


Do you still get first date jitters? Are you afraid your nerves will get the best of you and ruin your date?

We’ve all been there before.

Frantically going through your closet to find something decent to wear, anxiously checking your watch to see if you’re running late or not — these are some experiences that you may know all too well.

Things just aren’t going right with your preparation and you feel like this is a sign of what’s about to happen next.

But it isn’t what happens before a date that you should be worried about. It’s what happens during it.

A great date doesn’t depend on how much money you spend or the place you’re going to. You can make dinner and watch a movie at home and still call it a great date.

So what is it really that makes a great date?

Well, gentlemen, if you truly want to make your date successful, here are a few things you should bear in mind:

1. Mind your manners

Some women like men who can be socially awkward at times. They find it cute and endearing.

But that doesn’t mean they prefer to date them.

Women prefer men with social grace. They like men with great manners and impeccable etiquette.

So even if you feel comfortable around your date, you should never forget your manners. Say “Please” and “Thank you” when the situation calls for it, make eye contact when she talks, and apologize if you make a clumsy mistake.

These are just simple proper manners. If you don’t have these basics down, you’re most likely to ruin your dates.

2. Having Great Hygiene

Women are easily turned off by bad breath and body odor.

A woman’s sense of smell is more sensitive than you think. And no, your cologne is not enough to hide the fact you hadn’t showered.

It’s not that difficult to groom yourself before going anywhere. It’s as simple as taking a shower, brushing your teeth, and putting some deodorant on.

Having a great outfit is just an added bonus. Because for the most part, women are after how well-kept a man looks.

And a man with terrible hygiene is not someone they want to be with.

3. Active Listening

Active listening plays a key role in a great conversation. It shows your date how much you’ve been paying attention, keeps the conversation going, and helps you understand your date better.

Women can get easily distracted in conversation. They can start from talking about their dog to their great grand aunt. This can easily get you lost in the conversation.

By paying attention to what they’re saying, you can easily get the conversation back on track.

Besides, great conversations are what truly make a date memorable. You may not completely remember what you were talking about, but you do remember that you had fun talking to them.

Making the Most Out of a First Date

Don’t spend your time worrying if there’s a second date or not. Just enjoy the date while it lasts.

Even if you’re not as compatible as you thought you would be, at least you had a good time together.

Use this as your learning experience. When you finally meet the one, you will have grown into the best version of yourself.