Unpopular Opinion: Third-Wheeling Is Fun

Florence Williamson
3 min readJul 19, 2022

Not many people admit to being a third-wheel or the ‘plus one’ — and that’s understandable. You wouldn’t want to be in the middle of a couple making out or fighting. It’s awkward beyond definition.

Third-wheeling is common nowadays, and there are ways you can shy away from becoming the odd, lonely one out when going out with a couple. Instead of treating it as an uncomfortable situation, turn it into a fun one and gain something from it.

You gain perspective on relationships.

Third-wheeling helps you learn more about dating and relationships.

Start observing how their relationship works, such as how they express affection and handle fights. Learn from the mistakes they make, and take note of the good things they do to make each other happy.

Through this, you learn the do’s and don’ts in a relationship despite not being in one yet. And you can use this perspective when you finally find yourself in a relationship, too.

You get lots of free stuff.

Tagging along with your couple friends means getting free stuff. A Sunday movie date with them means free movie tickets and snacks. You might even have free dinner! Unlike couples, you don’t have to deal with food sharing. Your food is all yours to enjoy.

When you’re almost part of the relationship because of constant third-wheeling, you can also enjoy free vacation trips. So don’t shy away when your friend invites you to come for a weekend getaway. You won’t even feel you’re third-wheeling because you’re too busy appreciating new, scenic views.

You make more friends.

Use third-wheeling as an opportunity to branch out. Sometimes, you’re only friends with the other half of the couple and barely know the friends of their partner. When you spend quality time with a couple, you get to meet their other set of friends. You may have common interests and values that you can bond over. It may be awkward at first, but constant contact helps you build friendships with them.

You can appreciate single life better.

Well, face it. Third-wheeling sometimes makes you feel lonely despite trying things to make it fun. However, this changes when you see the couple fight over petty things and waste emotions arguing about it. Couples usually fight about freedom and having their own space. Simply, things they don’t have but you enjoy as a single person.

This makes you feel thankful that you’re not in a relationship. You don’t have to deal with the stress that comes with it, making you feel content with what you have now. It also reminds you that no relationship is perfect.

It makes you believe in true love.

People quickly assume that when you’re in the front seat watching two people madly in love while you’re single will make you feel lonelier. That’s not always true.

Seeing two people display genuine love for each other makes you believe in true love more. Especially if these people are your friends, you feel a different kind of happiness. You don’t feel self-pity at all. Instead, you gain hopes that the same love will come to you someday.