What Are the Signs That the Person Is the One for You?

Florence Williamson
5 min readSep 5, 2022


You find love in the most unusual places and in situations you least expect.

It can be the most powerful feeling you will ever experience. You may be happy with your relationship right now, and you may have established a deep connection with your significant other.

However, the person you are sharing your love with might not be the one destined for you. Some couples end up breaking up because they are not just meant for each other.

Although some would find their relationship amazing in the first few years, time would reveal whether you are destined for each other or not.

Sucks, doesn’t it? You are probably thinking that it would be a waste to invest in something uncertain.

So, how will you know if your significant other is the one destined for you? Let’s talk about it.

The crossing of your paths is well-timed.

You will meet the person you will be spending the rest of your life with at the most appropriate time. Sometimes we meet them during the most difficult moment of our lives, and sometimes it’s when we are at our best. Whatever time that we meet them, it would still be a perfect time, and this will be obvious to you.

They will either help you get back up on your feet when times get tough, or they will add more beauty to the already abundant life that you have.

Sometimes you are already acquainted with the person but never got the chance to talk or you just never had the chance to get to know them. You only learn more about them until it was the fated time. This is a well-timed encounter that is meant to happen.

How did you meet with your partner? Under what circumstances did you meet your boyfriend or girlfriend?

You understand and know them on a deeper level.

Imagine being in a relationship where you can’t understand each other, and both of you don’t know each other’s preferences. It must be frustrating to be in this relationship. This always leads to disharmony and unhealthy arguments, and worse, it could lead to a breakup or divorce.

If you know each other deeply and you understand them completely, your relationship will reach a new level. You will be more confident in the things that you try to communicate with your significant other.

You share the same goals

We are unique people and we have different dreams in life. You may pursue a career in medicine, and your partner may want to pursue arts. Regardless of what they want in life, the both of you will always and has to find a shared goal.

You may want to stay physically healthy together or travel to different places. You may want to build a family at a certain age, or you want to acquire a house for both of you. Whatever it may be, you and your partner will be open about sharing the same goals. If a couple doesn’t share a goal, then the relationship would simply lose its meaning, and there will be no unity in the things that you want.

You have the same convictions about love and relationships.

Convictions are important to a person, and even more so, in relationships. It serves as the guide that the couple must have so that their relationship will not break apart. Try to picture this out, a woman highly values loyalty and faithfulness and wants it to be the core of their relationship, but her partner wants to have an open relationship instead. Certainly, such a relationship will never work.

To make it more relatable, what if you value transparency in a relationship a lot, but your partner doesn’t want to? No doubt, you will want to leave the relationship.

You empathize with them, and they do the same.

When your partner empathizes with you after experiencing a depressing day at work or losing a family, it can be one of the most comforting feelings you will ever experience. This assures that you are not alone in your struggles or grief.

What they feel about you is clear to you.

Clarity is crucial in a relationship. Most couples will go their separate ways if the relationship is ambiguous. When a man pursues a woman, he has to be clear about his intentions, correct? This way, the woman will know how serious the man is about dating her.

So, your relationship should be clear, and your partner should help you know where your relationship is going. They will constantly remind you that they care and that they love you.

You complement each other.

Couples won’t always agree on everything. People are from different backgrounds, they think differently and have varying personalities. However, this doesn’t mean that the both of you can’t perfectly work together.

If you know how to sing, and your partner is good at music and is a talented songwriter, you can be the perfect pair.

Just like how complementary colors in a color wheel can look so pleasing to the eye and how both colors are emphasized when they’re beside each other, people who are different but complement each other will draw out the best versions of themselves. This is why some couples look so perfect when they’re together.

You feel loved and assured.

If your partner is the one that is destined for you, there is nothing to worry about. Your partner will always find ways for you to feel assured. They will constantly show you that they love you and they won’t make you feel that you don’t matter to them.

Although it may be unrealistic if they assure you every single day since they will be tired at times, especially when they’re too stressed from work or they are having a bad day, still, they will find a day to assure you.

You can relax when you’re with them.

After a draining day, they will be your safe and resting place. They will make you feel that everything will be okay and that you are safe whenever they are around. If they are not, and they only bring you more struggles, then having them beside you would only give you more stress.

You talk about spending the rest of your life together.

If the person is the one for you, they are not afraid to talk about settling down with you and they will make it clear that they want to spend the rest of their life loving you.

If they are serious about building a house, having kids, and nurturing a great family with you means that they are not playing around, that they are invested enough in your relationship, and that they are the ones that you are fated to marry.

So, if you are seeing these signs in your partner, then you might have found the one.