You Are in Love, End of Story

Florence Williamson
3 min readMay 5, 2022

Before you start denying it, think about it.

Is it really so bad to be in love?

Maybe to some bitter people, falling in love again is the equivalent of the apocalypse. After all, if you got hurt once, why would you want to go through that again, right? It’s understandable to avoid it at all costs.

You’ve been in love before, and you got your heart broken. Isn’t that a guarantee that you’ve learned your lesson not to make the same mistakes you’ve done back then?

You’re smarter now, wiser even. Your collective experience stops you from falling after the same red flags and tricks a manipulative lover dishes out. You basically qualify as a mature romantic partner right now.

This means you are better this time.

What to Do When You’re in Love

If you’ve confirmed you truly have fallen head over heels for someone, think about your options.

First of all, is this person in a relationship with someone else? Because if they are, I’m afraid the world looks down on infidelity.

But if they’re single and ready to mingle, there shouldn’t be any problems. Your only obstacles are your nerves and if this person will give you a chance at romance. If you’ve fallen for someone open-minded, congrats! Your chances went up by more than 50%!

1. Square up! Get the girl/boy!

If you plan on pursuing this person, know that confidence carries the whole pursuit. I’m not saying you should be aggressive with your flirting, but it’s important that you should at least look like you know what you’re doing.

Whether it’s a man or a woman you are trying to woo, confidence will always be attractive.

2. Pull back on your expectations.

Whether you’re expecting to be accepted or rejected, or a certain kind of relationship with this person, try not to show it.

Nothing is more overwhelming than someone putting a lot of pressure on you, especially if it involves a relationship.

If you have expectations about marrying this person, wait until you two have been together for at least a year. If you expect this person to treat you the same way your ex did, you’re going to be very disappointed, so don’t. If you expect the expected, the unexpected, or everything in between, stop.

Let the courting and relationship flow naturally.

If it happens, it happens. If it doesn’t, then there’s less hurt.

3. Don’t be perfect. That’s sus!

As backward as this may seem, the more perfect you are on the first meeting or first date, the more of a red flag you will look.

I suppose my main point is that you should just be yourself. Why would you even pretend to be something else with this person? Let’s say that they fell for your fake persona, and you start dating. What then? Are you going to keep pretending to be “perfect” for them?

Of course not, right? That’s exhausting! So when your true colors finally show, wouldn’t that be upsetting to your partner? Won’t that lead to an unhealthy relationship?

You’re someone who already did this song and dance before. Don’t you think it’s foolish to make those kinds of mistakes again?


You’re in love, and you’re smart enough to make the right decisions!

If you think it’s a bad idea to be in love and pursue your affections, well, you’re an adult, and you can make your choices, so I’m not going to tell you what to do.

But if the pros outweigh the cons, try to be open-minded. You can’t be a master at dating, so don’t put pressure on yourself. Let yourself love, and this time, do it properly!