Holiday Date Ideas for Every Couple

Florence Williamson
3 min readDec 5, 2022


December is here, people! Christmas is just knocking on our doors, and a certain white-haired guy is just waiting to sneak into our chimneys.

In all seriousness, the holiday season is officially in full swing. The festive mood makes quality time with your loved ones extra special. Although people view Christmas as a family season, it’s become quite the romantic one.

Maybe it’s the chilly temperatures? Perhaps it’s the cozy vibes that make us want to cuddle with someone. Whatever it is, there’s something in the Christmas air that encourages romance.

The holidays are a perfect time to fortify your relationship. Relationship expert Callisto Adams even seems to think so, pointing out the season’s joyous atmosphere as a significant factor:

The contagious joy and laughter open the door to a comfortable and safe space for adults to get back to their childlike behavior. Playfulness comes into play, and the next thing you know you’re making a snowman with your partner.

With that advice, why not join in on the yuletide fun and go on dates? Make your Christmas merrier with these simple yet special holiday date ideas.

Go ice skating

I know it’s not the most (*cue Meryl Streep’s Miranda Priestly voice*) groundbreaking idea, but there are reasons couples go on ice skating dates:

  • One, rinks aren’t hard to find.
  • Two, ice skating’s fun! Instead of typical dinner dates, couples at least get to do something different and move their bodies.
  • Three, it makes for a pretty romantic setting. Imagine holding hands with your significant other as you try to keep your balance. As cheesy as this idea sounds, it’s straight out of a romantic comedy film.

Binge Christmas movies and specials

Speaking of films, put your streaming subscriptions to good use and go on a holiday binge-watch! Whether you’re into rom-coms or Christmas stand-up specials, you have to admit: watching holiday content can be pretty addicting.

Give back together

Doing good shouldn’t be limited to Christmas. That said, though, the season makes people extra generous. Don’t pull a Scrooge and be a stingy and miserable soul.

Put your best foot forward and volunteer together for your chosen cause! No matter the circumstances, there will always be people who need a helping hand.

Flex your culinary muscles

Don’t get me wrong: store-bought/delivery/takeout meals are good! However, home-cooked food is much better. Aside from its money-saving perk, cooking meals together has other benefits:

  • You and your partner can connect while chopping and slicing things.
  • You get to eat what you want and how you want it.
  • Cooking is fun! You can wear your MasterChef hat and experiment as you please.

Wrap gifts

Out of all the ideas on this “holiday date ideas” list, this one sounds the least romantic. But think about it this way: functional dates can be fun too! You can turn something as mundane as gift-wrapping into a cute date by incorporating elements like competition. You can even blast some music to create a more enthusiastic atmosphere.

Warm up with hot chocolate

The Christmas season’s colder climate calls for hot drinks. Hot chocolate is a popular selection because of its rich flavor and dense body.

Got cravings? Go on a hot chocolate crawl! Hop from joint to joint, rate each drink you try, and round out your favorites. Don’t want to spend money and face holiday traffic? That’s fine! Make one from scratch at home and enjoy them with your partner.

These holiday date ideas shouldn’t be too hard to pull off. If you’re short on ideas, feel free to riff off this list!